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Ride With Us

You're invited to join the Cycle House family here in Tallahassee. Our community of men and women are committed to living healthy and strong.

Cycle Classes

If you are a seasoned veteran or just starting, Cycle House in Tallahassee has an indoor cycling class for you!

At Cycle House, we offer a variety of low-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling workouts designed for all fitness levels.

Cycle House is Committed to Your Health Journey

Variety of Fitness Levels

Cycle House

Childcare Available

Community Focused

Group Rides

Childcare Available.

Prioritize Your Health

We believe in nurturing healthy families. That starts with us giving parents the tools they need to participate in an exercise program.

Safe Environment

We provide a safe and fun environment for your children to hang out in our kids' room, while you enjoy time to yourself.


At Cycle House, we are family. Our indoor cycle training sessions are more than just workouts; they are an opportunity to be a part of a thriving fitness community. We believe in the power of collective support and camaraderie.


Our indoor cycle classes are designed to transport you to a world of high-energy music, dynamic lighting, and inspiring instructors. The combination of heart-pounding beats and choreographed rides will help you push your limits.


Our team of experienced and encouraging Tallahassee cycling instructors are skilled at challenging you to reach your personal fitness goals. We are also passionate about creating a positive and empowering environment.


Our family-friendly fitness environment allows you to focus on your workout with confidence that your little ones are in the safe hands of our caring staff. Parents, we want you to enjoy the freedom to prioritize your health.

Have a question?

We offer classes for all fitness levels! Whether you are a beginner or veteran, we have a place for you. 

Yes! We offer free childcare during our classes. We have  staff on-site to care for your kiddos while you care for your fitness.

We have an indoor cycling location in Tallahassee, Florida at:

114 E. 5th Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303

We have a variety of classes that are available for all levels of fitness. Visit the Classes page of our website to learn more about our classes.

Book An Indoor
Cycling Class.

Join our Cycle House family. Let's ride together, sweat together, and grow stronger together as a community. Together, we can create positive change in our community and build a healthier, happier future for all of us.